Remote Services

Remote reception is an easy and safe way to get in touch with doctors and nurses. Remote services can be found in the OmaMEDFIN section.

Doctor's remote consultation without appointment

(available only to employees of companies with a occupational health care agreement that includes care services with us)

You can contact a doctor remotely without an appointment, where you can get guidance and advice on health-related issues, apply for sick leave, and receive and renew prescriptions.

Secure chat with a nurse

(available only to occupational health care customers)

  • You can contact us within our opening hours for all health-related matters through our protected online chat.
  • If you're unsure of how to act in a health-related situation, contact us via online chat, where a nurse will provide you with the necessary guidance and advice.
  • In the protected online chat, you can send images and files, as well as receive documents from us (e.g. sick leave certificate).

Appointments to Aava's locations

(available only to employees of companies that have a health care service contract with us)

If the service is included in your company's occupational health care agreement and there is a basis for care, our nurse will send you a referral to a local clinic at any of Aava's nineteen medical centers (6 in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo; 5 elsewhere in Uusimaa; 2 in Tampere; 2 in Turku; 2 in Oulu; 1 in Hämeenlinna and 1 in Kuopio), which will serve you on our behalf.

Video reception

(both in Finland and abroad)

  • Do not use video consultation if you have sudden back, chest or head pain, a sudden heart rhythm disorder, or sudden shortness of breath. In these cases, immediately contact emergency services.
  • First, you must arrange an appointment with the chosen specialist.
  • The video consultation booking service can be found from the link.
  • Video consultation works with Android smartphones, laptops and desktop computers on various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) as well as on iPad and iPhone devices.
  • During the video consultation, you can send pictures and files to the doctor and receive documents from us (e.g. sick leave certificate).

To use video reception, you need:

  • Internet connection.
  • A device through which you join the video reception and that has a camera and microphone (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.).
  • We recommend that you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers on Android devices and the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Our video connection is safe, doubly protected, and meets all EU legislative requirements.

How do I get to the video reception?

  • You will receive a text message and an email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time, where you will find a link to the video consultation.
  • If necessary, you can cancel the video reception no later than 12 hours before the scheduled time. If you cancel your appointment less than 12 hours before the scheduled time or do not show up for the video consultation, a fee will be charged for the missed visit.
  • Alternatively, you can log into the video consultation from our page under "OmaMEDFIN".
  • Please check in advance that your device's camera and microphone are turned on.
  • If you are abroad, please consider the time difference between Helsinki and your city.

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Copyright © 2024 MEDFIN

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